Let’s innovate


Innovation is not only about technology,
it is how you work, do business, collaborate and learn


Innovation is hard, especially the non-technical part of it. We can help you innovate the way you work, do business or collaborate.

It’s about people

Your competitive advantage are your people. Nothing else. We support you to maximize the human capital within your organization.

The way we work

Everyone at 1 OCEAN is an independent entrepreneur. With different expertise. We use our diversity to help you innovate.

Why 1 OCEAN?

The world is changing faster and faster. We respond to the disruptive changes around us and transform challenges into opportunities.

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24th April 2018: Menu of the Future in Rotterdam

New: Transport Metrics to optimise your supply chain

We practice what we preach

We have changed the way we work, do business, collaborate and learn. 1 OCEAN was founded in 2015 as a cooperative. We have both the structure and the community power to start large-scale projects, in which independent professionals work together under one name and legal entity. We are an innovative ecosystem that puts people at the heart. It enables people to create their own future and adept to the changing world.

We would love to assist you as well to adept to the changing world. With consultancy, coaching and training, setting up of innovation labs, co-create platforms or organise events.


at 1 OCEAN we support each other

Personal growth

The world changes rapidly. Keep growing if you want to benefit.


Is a basic requirement, a reason for our existence. We ensure quality and offer certainty to our customers.


Complex solutions are developed together. Diversity is our strength.

Economies of scale

Together we accomplish more than on our own. Sounds old-fashioned but is so true.

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